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Why Journaling Is My Secret Sauce to Success

Amy Volas
8 min readJan 29


I often talk about this idea of ‘getting caught up in the shiny objects’. It’s one of the biggest reasons startups mishire and where so many salespeople take left turns when they should be going straight ahead.

In the SaaS world of fast-paced business, startups, sales, and growth, it’s easy to lose perspective on what really matters.

The clearer and more real I am with myself, the better my mind works, and the better I can lead or create a sales strategy that works.

I have a methodology and a workflow that I use daily. A key part of that is journaling. It’s had an immense effect on my mindset, sales process, decision-making ability, and clear-headedness.

While it may sound cliche, it’s part of my secret sauce and has yet to let me down.

The benefits of journaling are diverse and well-documented:

  • Boosting mindfulness
  • Intentionality
  • Memory
  • Understanding why
  • The ability to work through challenges faster
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Valuable lessons learned

And the list goes on…

Who wouldn’t want all of that?!

Journaling is my way of understanding my own metrics that matter to me versus flying blind or getting caught up in what doesn’t really apply to me. The best part? It’s free!

It’s made a huge difference for me when it comes to decision-making, understanding what’s really going on and the root cause, personal relationships, professional relationships, sales process, sales strategy, my LinkedIn strategy, starting a business, making career moves, and so much more.

“It is very difficult to complain about a situation morning after morning, month after month, without being moved to constructive action.”‘The Artist’s Way’

Taking time to reflect on your life gives you an opportunity to better understand yourself and improve your situation because you’re showing up for yourself. Whether it be your enterprise sales process, sales strategy, methodology, new customer challenge, startup life…



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