Why A Positive Candidate Experience Is Critical To Growing Your Startup

A positive candidate experience makes your startup attractive to the best talent

  • Create engaging, eye-catching career destinations that candidates can’t resist (like how a great hotel usually has amazing photography on the web to stand out) and won’t get bogged down in when trying to connect
  • Show them how you’ve created an amazing “stay” at your startup with “an amazing lobby” (a people-centric approach delivering first rate service and proactive communication during the interview process)
  • Communicate with a personal touch to let them know you care (regardless of whether you hire them or not)
  • Help them understand your mission, what brought you there and more importantly what keeps you there

A positive candidate experience makes it easier to hire quality talent in the future

A positive candidate experience could save you a lot of money

The mindset that powers a positive candidate experience

  1. Improve engagement level during interviews. Candidates agreed that an engaging interview process was the largest part of a positive experience overall. This includes timeliness, structure, and transparency.
  2. Make the application process easier. After making the actual interviews more engaging, making it easier to prepare an application was the next most important part. Your career site has an impact on what candidates think it will be like to work for you.
  3. Personalized communication throughout the interview process. Candidates say continuous, non-automated status updates would make a huge impact on the overall experience. Whatever you do, if you’ve taken the time to meet with someone and spent time with them, please do not send a canned rejection form letter.



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Amy Volas

Amy Volas

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