What Startup Founders Need To Know About Sales

Startup Sales Is Not A Turn-Key Operation

Your Salespeople Can Only Sell A Product The Market Wants

  • 42% cited a lack of interest from their market as the reason why they didn’t make it
  • 17% cited a poor product as the reason they didn’t make it
  • 14% cited ignoring customers as the reason they didn’t make it

Attrition Is Not “Something To Build In” No Matter What Anyone Tells You

  1. Work on your leadership skills religiously
  2. Make sure you as a founder continuously invest in the sales people you’ve hired and work tirelessly to understand how their world affects your bottom line (this article is a good start).
  3. Set reasonable, well planned expectations on sales performance
  4. Realize there is no ideal sales candidate — you have to define that for your product and marketplacebefore hiring if you want to get the right people
  5. Be patient — no matter how terrific your product/service is sales aren’t going to start happening overnight

Enterprise Sales Is Much More Difficult Than You Realize

Sales Success Is Within Your Reach…But It Starts With Your Leadership



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Amy Volas

Amy Volas

Helping SaaS startups hire sales leaders with no cringe ⋆ Personally closed $100MM+ ⋆ Founder/CEO ⋆ 2 Exits ⋆ LP Stage 2 Capital ⋆ Sharing lessons here monthly