What An Incredible Sales Team Looks Like

With marketplace competition becoming fiercer by the year, few resources are as valuable to a business as a well-oiled sales engine. The hard part, though? While most businesses have their own in-house sales teams, those that are able to bring together the most talented performers are much more likely to succeed and grow.

In order to see these kinds of results, it’s often beneficial to take a step back and consider what an effective, results-driven sales team actually looks like. That way, any effort you put forth isn’t in vain. Looking to build a team of champions strong enough to rival the likes of your fiercest foes? When all is said and done, the following is what you should see within your team:

Energy, Charisma and Drive

Both on a macro and micro scale, a successful sales team always transmits energy, charisma and drive in everything they do. And with good reason — not many things are nearly as contagious as genuine joy while at work. As your salespeople meet with potential clients, their enthusiasm and dedication for your brand will undoubtedly make the trip, as well.

Personable Personalities

Run-of-the-mill salespeople view their jobs like most everybody else — they get in, they get out and they get on with their lives. They’re mediocre, and it shows when they’re meeting with potential customers. They may not really want to be there. Even worse, the feeling is almost palpable. Exemplary sales teams, however, genuinely love meeting with people to understand how they can provide value, regardless of whether or not they become loyal customers. They work hard to build trust while pinpointing the areas they can deliver in and are successful because of it.

Goal-Oriented to the Max

It was famous yoga instructor Fred DeVito who once famously said, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” The kind of people you want on your sales team understand this and make a habit of setting structured goals to regularly push themselves. When sales performance is measured, it’s much more likely to improve. Naturally, the inverse is true, too. Simply put, the best of the best crave accountability and are happy to push themselves.


Obviously, incredible sales teams are driving revenue at an alarming rate, but that’s not all they’re doing — they’re also following through with every promisethey’ve ever made to potential customers. They take an authentic approach to solving problems for their customers, preferring to say, “I don’t know” or “let me see how we can accommodate” over making a half-hearted promise.


Having worked with my clients to solve their recruitment challenges for nearly two decades, I’ve seen firsthand the tremendous impact an excellent sales staff can have on a company. More importantly, I’ve seen the aftermath when the right people aren’t in place.

That said, there’s plenty to be learned. So, in your opinion, what do the most talented sales teams look like? What do they have in common? Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and feelings. As always, thanks for reading!

* Note: This post was originally published on LinkedIn.

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