What sales blogs are you reading?

Stop, Drop and Read: My 5 Favorite Sales Blogs

You remember being back in elementary school, right? Those were the days — recess, hot lunches and field trips made my time as a young student memorable.

And one more thing…

What about those safety assemblies your school would hold every now and again — remember?

I do, and can still clearly recall the local fire chief having us repeat after him, “Stop, drop and roll!” Were we ever to find ourselves in a tight, flammable situation, this maneuver would be the key to minimizing damage and keeping us safe.

Listen, I’m no firefighter, but I do know a thing or two about sales.

Just as the “Stop, drop and roll!” motto saves lives, I propose that “Stop, drop andread!” is just the ticket (though kind of cheesy) to keep your sales career on point.

As demonstrated by my publishing efforts here on LinkedIn and on my company’s website, I love to share. That said, I enjoy reading even more.

If you’re a bit behind on yours, no worries …

With so many blogs to choose from, how do you know where to spend your valuable time? Below, you’ll find my list of 5 favorites of the best sales blogs the Internet has to offer:

1) Datanyze

Datanyze is a company that provides sales acceleration software for tech companies.

Whether it be tracking a prospect’s tech stack, providing predictive analytics or helping businesses harvest important information for potential leads, Datanyze is a valuable resource.

Not interested in paying for the company’s services, though? Not an issue …

This is why blogs are awesome — they reveal many of a company’s most useful sales secrets for free. This is the kind of experience I’ve had with Datanyze, and the one you’re likely to have if you commit to regularly reading their blog.

* Datanyze: Read the blog here.

2) Sales for Life

The name says it all, huh?

Sales for Life specializes in the art of “social sales.” While “social selling” may not be a new concept in my opinion (remember sales is about relationships and this philosophy merely reinforces that point) — this blog provides a plethora of important information as you work hard to create common ground with your prospects and customers.

Yes, this might include social media, but more than anything, the business’ sales tactics are built around educating customers to bring about a change in buyer behavior to transform business.

Sales is psychological. Sales for Life gets it.

Basically, this is why I read their blog regularly — I’m able to gain new insights to create a fresh approach and continue to connect with my customers in a meaningful way.

* Sales for Life: Read the blog here.

3) SaaStr

Back in 2012, SaaStr started out as a simple WordPress blog to help people learn more about Jason M. Lemkin’s journey of going from $0 to $100 million APR.

His target audience was the same back then as it is in 2016 — industry-leading SaaS and B2B entrepreneurs. I’m confident that I fall into this category, and you do, too.

Four years later, the SaaStr blog now attracts the largest community of SaaS entrepreneurs online bringing in well over 3 million views per month.

If you’re selling into the SaaS, startup or tech space, you’d be wise to include this in your arsenal.

* SaaStr: Read the blog here.

4) Hubspot

For those of you who know me on a more personal level, you know very well that I’m a massive proponent of all things Hubspot.

The expert inbound marketers largely blog about three topics:

• Maketing

• Social Media

• Sales

Though all three interest me, the last of the lot is by far my favorite.

Hubspot’s sales-centric blog posts are easy to read, entertaining and always include a number of visuals to help their readers learn as much as possible.

I’ll close out this section with Hubspot’s blogging mantra: “Read. Learn. Sell.”

It’s as simple as that.

* Hubspot: Read the blog here.

5) LinkedIn

No, I’m not going to be like one of those self-absorbed professors back in college who forced students to read their stuff — I’ll take the high road, excluding my LinkedIn blog from this list.

Don’t get me wrong, though — I like to blog on LinkedIn. I hope you read my stuff and like it.

That said, what I write fails to scratch even the most finite surface of everything LinkedIn has to offer as a top-tier publishing platform …

As a sales professional, do some research, creating a list of five to ten industry leaders you greatly admire. Then, find their LinkedIn profiles, connect with them and start reading their stuff.

If you want to become the best, you’ve got to learn directly from the best — this is the value LinkedIn provides its users as a highly authoritative blogging resource.

* LinkedIn: Read (and write) the blog here.


In 2013, there were roughly 152 million blogs on the Internet.

Since then, that number has undoubtedly increased …

And though most blogs aren’t well-written, active or even related to the world of sales, the sheer quantity of them sends a message to sales professionals like you and me — they’re important.

Find the best ones. Read them frequently. Reap the rewards.

“Stop, drop and read!”

But enough about what I think — it’s your turn …

In the comments section below, I want you to include the names (and links) of your three favorite sales blogs. That way, we’re all consuming the best sales information available.

Until then, thanks for reading!

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Note: This piece was originally published on Linkedin

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