So You Want To Hire An Enterprise Sales Team For Your Startup…Here’s What You Need To Know (And Do) First.

Enterprise Sales Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint.

  • 9 to 18+ months to close
  • Pricing often happens on a yearly basis, not monthly with some discretionary budget that could be applied to a pilot if you’re lucky (side note: are you setting goals around MRR when it should be ARR?)
  • Enterprise buyers are highly risk-averse because no one wants to rock the boat and because their butts are on the line if something goes wrong
  • An average of 6.8 people involved in the decision making process (up 25.9% over the last 2 years)

Do Your Homework, And Set Your Expectations Appropriately.

  1. Have you defined the marketplace?
  2. Do you understand the needs of your enterprise customer, their problems, what’s important to them and the landscape in which they operate?
  3. If your customer had a headache, would they regard your product as a “vitamin” or a “painkiller”? Are you prepared to iterate on the product to support the complex needs of your buyer?
  4. Do you understand the buyer journey and what the sales cycle really looks like?
  5. What is the expectation from the board and executive leadership team on timeline to build this out and will it work with the buying cycle you’ve defined?

This IS Doable. Just Proceed Carefully.



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Amy Volas

Amy Volas

Helping SaaS startups hire sales leaders with no cringe ⋆ Personally closed $100MM+ ⋆ Founder/CEO ⋆ 2 Exits ⋆ LP Stage 2 Capital ⋆ Sharing lessons here monthly