Job hopping is not the way to accelerate your career.

Job-hopping will catch up to you… even in this market. Here’s how to end that cycle.

I put up a post on LinkedIn recently that stirred up some serious debate:

Why job-hopping is deadly… even when the job market is in your favor.

As one commenter on my post astutely called out, the real problem here is that we don’t know how to figure out if a company is a good fit for us before we join.

“But the market is good… who cares?”

It’s easy to get a sales job right now, true. But finding the standout role where you can really shine is a whole other ball of wax.

How to know if the company you’re interviewing with is a place you’d thrive.

Here are the key areas I’ve seen be most critical in determining whether a new opportunity is a place you’d thrive.

1. Do you believe in the product/service?

It’s been said that the first sale happens in the heart of the salesperson. I think that is exceptionally true.

2. Is the culture one that will set you up for success?

If there’s anything I’ve learned as a buyer, it’s that the sales process is the best indicator of what it’s going to be like to be a customer.

3. Are they transparent?

It’s pretty common to see companies put on a good face during interviews to get talented people in the door, only to remove the mask later.

  • Do they show you the product, warts and all?
  • Do they show you real sales numbers and explain why they are the way they are?
  • Are they honest about the challenges you’re going to face if you join the team?

4. How many of their reps are already successful?

Modern-day sales is a team sport. But if the team isn’t winning, it’s not a good sign you’re going to succeed either.

Final thoughts.

As Justin Welsh recently said, “lacking self-awareness will kill your career.”

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