What you put into your interview preparation is what you’ll get back out of it

How to Prepare for Sales Interviews to Land The Job

Amy Volas


I co-host a community called Thursday Night Sales and created another focused just on careers: Better Together — Acing a sales interview is a topic that comes up ALL the time.

Regardless of how much sales experience someone has, it’s fascinating to hear how many people struggle with interview preparation in real life and how they fail to show up as a result.

Being invited in for the sales interview is the first win in the journey to getting hired, but that’s just the start.

Do you grapple to get to the next step in the interview process, let alone receive an offer?

How many times have you been heartbroken when you think you’ve landed your dream job only to be told, “we’re moving forward with someone else?”

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a seat at the interview table for your dream job, only to be turned down and sent back to the drawing board.

After interviewing more people than I can count and collaborating with countless executives on their hiring process, the common theme is preparation.

The salespeople that left the job interview leaving the hiring managers wanting more have one thing in common… they were well prepared and it came through.

I’m not talking about surface-level preparation like browsing the company website for 15 minutes. I’m talking about digging deep below the surface, taking the interview process seriously, and committing to going the extra mile because you care about your sales career and making a great decision.

Before we talk about what to do to snag that dream job, it’s important to paint a clear picture of what falls short in a sales interview.

The Most Common Interview Mistakes

Not being intentional

You can’t teach people to care. Intentionality (or lack thereof) always comes through. It’s obvious when people show up to an interview planning just to wing it and see what happens.

If you’re just window shopping, what’s the point? Taking an interview is an investment in yourself and your sales career. If you agree to sit down with someone and show up…



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