Acing the hiring process to make sure you get it right is critical.

How to Ace the Hiring Process for Founders AND Sales Leaders

Amy Volas
8 min readJan 8, 2022


Raise your hand if you think interviews are a time-consuming, daunting process for everyone — on both sides of the table… Me too 🙋‍♀️

So imagine how much time is wasted when you get it wrong?!

When you break it down, every interview is a meeting between two parties to confirm or deny if they want to work together.

Without the right approach and legwork upfront, it’s a risky proposition and unlikely either side will be equipped to make the right decision.

Unfortunately, I hear about this dilemma daily and why I’ve decided to break down what it really takes to ace the interview process on both sides of the table.

Hint hint… it’s about specificity AND intentionality.

We often know what we want to say or ask in an interview, but it’s rare to think deeply about how we go about it, what we can do to truly understand the task at hand to make a good decision, and how our approach might impact the other side.

By honing in on what both sides need to consider to get it right, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to structure and prepare for each interview so it’s informative, effective, and fruitful for everyone involved… even if it’s a “no thank you.”


We recently worked with a VP of Sales that had another opportunity they were equally qualified for and honestly, more excited about. It was the final stretch of the process and their choice had narrowed between my client and this other role.

The deciding factor… the final interview. A big day on both sides filled with presentations and workshops.

The difference?

Our client came prepared, had people in the room that were prepared, they had talked beforehand to understand what they wanted to do with the time together, had an agenda, stuck to it, collaborated, had time for both parties to ask questions, got down to the nitty gritty details TOGETHER, and had a real business conversation… less theory and more practice.

The other opportunity?

The left hand and the right hand weren’t talking to each other, they were…



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