How Scott Built A Team Of All-Star B2B Salespeople That’s Ramping FAST.

Scott’s Dilemma Finding The Talent He Needed.

Let’s face it, finding a recruiting partner that can truly deliver is difficult and Scott was no exception to that rule. He struggled to find remarkable salespeople via the incumbent firm and found their ability to deliver was limited which stifled his ability to grow.

Jumping The Next Hurdle.

Dissatisfied with the results he’d been getting, Scott turned to ATP for help finding the talent he needed to scale.

Surprising Results From His New Team.

It wasn’t just finding great talent and a trustworthy recruiting partner that Scott and his team were excited about… there were tangible (and surprising) business results that started to appear shortly thereafter from his new people.

What Made The Difference?

Scott is a sales veteran who understands the importance of a people-driven approach to sales, so we spent a lot of time upfront peeling back the layers to understand what he felt made the biggest difference in getting the right people on board.

Need Help Building An All-Star Team?

Get in touch! We love the power of conversation and welcome the chance to learn more about your goals.



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