What gets you out of bed in the morning? For me... I like to fix things to make them better. With a relentless focus trying to leave this place better than when I came into it. Specifically, Sales and CS leadership recruiting for SaaS startups. Let's be real, the status quo is BEGGING for an overhaul. See, recruiting isn’t one-dimensional and the bots haven't taken over, so why are we treating it this way? The table stakes are high. Hiring the wrong sales leader for your startup is a 7-figure problem with lasting, painful effects. With turnover nearly 3X more than any other field and an average tenure of 16 - 24 months for sales leaders in tech, don't you think it's time for a change? It’s not all doom and gloom though. I’ve cracked the code to fix this problem! Simply put, this is my life's work. I seriously feel like I was put on this planet to do this! With Sales and CS being my first business love and startups my second, I care deeply about improving the hiring process. I've seen a thing or two, learned a thing or two, and know a thing or two to translate this knowledge to fix the broken bits and pieces to get it right for all parties involved... the first time around. Simply put, I walk my talk and have a 20+ year startup, enterprise sales career with more than $100MM+ in closed revenue to back it up. Make no mistake, a business is the sum of its parts. The bots haven't taken over and the only way to truly scale a business is through its people. Helping high-growth SaaS startups get sales leadership and enterprise sales hiring right is my 'why'. A common misconception is that all sales leaders are created equal. Nothing could be further from the truth. The power of discovery has treated me well and I use that to go above and beyond to deliver results with a concentration on white-glove experience. After all, that's what it takes to attract the cream of the sales crop that will stick around for the long haul. I take this responsibility seriously and there's no better feeling than an incredible business joining forces with the right person to make growth magic happen. The cherry on top? My enterprise sales career in leadership, startups and HR Tech equips me with a wealth of knowledge. All in, I'm equal parts executive recruiter, sales consultant, therapist, and coach. And I like to write about it to pay my lessons forward to try to get better together.


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Helping SaaS startups hire executive Sales and CS leaders without the cringe ⋆ Personally closed $100MM+ ⋆ Founder/CEO ⋆ 2 Exits ⋆ LP ⋆ Sharing lessons here