A Hiring Scorecard Template For Startups: How To Make Logical Hiring Decisions

Why a scorecard is my secret weapon for hiring the right people.

What you should have on your scorecard if you’re hiring.

Here are a few more key specific questions to ask yourself about the ideal person for your role:

  1. What’s our mission? Why are we doing what we’re doing? (you’ll want to make sure whoever you hire is on board with that)
  2. What specific KPIs do we need this person to achieve?
  3. What sales system do we use? Are we a Challenger Sales shop and does the person we hire need to know those methods?
  4. Do we need someone who can achieve results in a leadership position? (side note: this is a post all in itself)
  5. Do we need to have an executive level presence with a strategic thought process to boot? Does this person need to be a master social seller? Or a high-volume transactional closing machine?
  6. Do we need someone who is a lone wolf? Or do we need a team player?
  7. Do we need this person to come into the office? Or can they work from home?
Scorecard example

Hiring scorecard do’s and don’ts…



The 4 steps to take to implement your scorecard.

  1. Create your scorecard. Use the template above to start from, or create your own with the process I outlined above.
  2. Depending on how regularly you’re hiring, schedule time each quarter (or before you initiate the hiring process for a new role) to review your scorecard against your sales team’s performance to make sure it’s up to date.
  3. Make sure your entire team is using it and be sure to schedule a team debrief to discuss the scores when they interview to prevent gaps in communication.
  4. Keep a record of the data from each round of interviews to review against your team’s performance and adjust according to your revision schedule.



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