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Back in the dark ages (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth), I grew up in the enterprise sales world of having to do everything myself:

  • Researching my market
  • Prospecting my target buyers
  • Discovery calls
  • Strategy
  • Sales meetings
  • Closing
  • Account management
  • Client success

And while I understand why so many celebrate the ways found to make the sales process more ‘efficient’ through segmentation, we’ve gone too far.

Think I’m wrong? Start talking to your buyers.

Case in point complements of Will Allred via LinkedIn:

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I’m a co-founder/host of a community called Thursday Night Sales and this topic came up in a chat I had with one of our members.

They told me their company (SMB focused) has a growing sales team that is currently led by the CEO. They’d tried hiring a Head of Sales, but it turned out to be a bad hire and they had to let that person go.

They specifically asked: what metrics or discussion points can be presented to the CEO to help shift his thinking and build trust to hire for the VP of Sales position again?

Well… it’s complicated. …

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COVID-19 is reshaping the market like we’ve never seen before. As the pandemic wears on, leaders must determine which way the wind is blowing and set a course for solid ground. Everyone needs to find their own way.

Your customers, more than anything else, are your compass as you navigate these choppy waters.

The best companies are tweaking sales systems, adjusting their go-to-market strategy and rediscovering customers’ needs as they evolve.

Even if your business is thriving, you can’t do nothing — that’s like saying nothing’s changed. And your customers’ buyers might not be so lucky with a potential painful boomerang back to your business. …

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I got off the phone with a brilliant founder last night who has decided to “do enterprise sales” because she had experience working for a mega-brand and recognized a gap in the market as a result.

This process of arriving at or deciding to pursue enterprise sales is pretty common in the startup world.

However, I can say from first-hand experience that building the team you’re thinking of will be different than your expectations. And it will morph again when you have a few clients under your belt and continue to evolve as you get a foothold.

I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to both be part of and build my own enterprise sales teams throughout my career — and I continue to help others do this today through my recruiting firm. …

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“70% of SaaS First VP Sales don’t make it to 12 Months. It’s one of the most common, and also most devastating mishires in startups.” — Jason Lemkin

A bad hiring decision can cost you a TON of money, but for a startup, it could make-or-break your business.

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The questions you ask tell you so much, make them count!

One of the things I hear most often on sales calls and kick-offs with startups who want to hire enterprise salespeople is:

“We didn’t get our last enterprise hire(s) quite right and it hurt. It’s mission-critical for us this time around.”

I wanted to know why this was so common for so many we engage with. So I dug deeper into each of their stories to learn more.

And I found this is most often because startups (self-admittedly) were looking for the wrong things in a strong hire.

I also found that the businesses we worked with who had made great hires in the past were all asking similar interview questions that looked for similar things. …

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One thing is certain, recessions will come, and that creates a lot of uncertainty for those of us who love the startup life, where job security is already in question!

Throughout my career, I’ve learned to recession-proof myself, and because of that, I’ve survived several recessions and downturns. The most important thing I learned is that now is the time, while the economy is strong, to start preparing. I’m going to explain what employment security is, and how you can develop it to recession-proof your career in sales.

Employment Security vs Job Security

Though many pundits make it seem like they can predict when the next recession will hit, the truth is, not even economists…

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How you end a business relationship is as important as the ending itself. A well-delivered “No” can be the difference between increased referrals, revenue, and relationships — or massive fallout.

Here are four proven ways to say no without burning bridges.

How do you handle a business breakup?

Are you a bridge burner or a ‘leave-it-better-than-you-found-it’ kind of person?

In my experience, it’s best to balance truth with tact when parting ways.

This is because the business realm is small and people talk.

Next time you cross paths with someone, they could be a customer, employee, referral, or (gasp) your boss. …

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The power of LinkedIn is fierce if you approach it properly

Over the past 2 years, I’ve shifted from generating leads primarily through outbound to getting the majority of my quality leads via inbound — with the largest percentage of them coming from LinkedIn.

And I’ve spent zero dollars on ads, tech, automation, or any other hack or tool to do it.

How you ask? It’s actually been pretty simple… all I’ve done is find unique ways to add value to the community there.

See, the truth is, most people think about social selling the wrong way. …

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There is a right way and a wrong way to do LinkedIn well

“A bigger following means more sales.” It’s a common idea in sales, but it’s a big mistake on LinkedIn.

I’ve grown my LinkedIn following by 185% in the last 2 years (from about 7,000 people to 13,064 as of the writing of this article).

But by itself, that’s just a vanity metric.

Having a large audience is nice, but it shouldn’t be your true goal. Making meaningful connections with the right people is what you should be aiming for.

I’m going to show you how to use LinkedIn to build high-value relationships that will drive sales and lead to more high-value connections. …


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