5 common pieces of sales advice that you should ignore.

  1. I have over 20 successful years in sales… and enterprise sales is my first love. One of my top achievements was taking a company from 2 Million to 20 Million in revenue in one year all by myself.
  2. I actually polled my sales comrades (enterprise, sales enablement, inside, mid-market, leadership, etc) who have over a collective century of battle-tested sales success to see if this bad advice matched with their experience.

1. “It’s a numbers game.”

  1. Quality makes you and your company/product more valuable to your customers — highly-effective, specialized solutions always command a higher price tag than generalist solutions. Focus on executing each deal to perfection and collect feedback on your product and strategy so you can provide more value to the customer.
  2. Quality helps you grow sustainably and predictably — it’s 5x-19x more expensive to find new business than keep the business you have already. Start small and stack the revenue from customers who are going to stick around for the long haul.
  3. Quality creates good vibes with the right people and drives referrals — which are 16% more lucrative than non referrals. When you treat each customer like they’re getting a custom solution, they will recognize that… and be much more likely to rave about you to their network.

2. “______ sales methodology is dead/the best.”

3. “If you’re good at sales, you should be able to sell ice to an eskimo.”

4. “Customer don’t know what they need — we have to educate them!”

5. “Just read from the script — we don’t need personalization.”




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Amy Volas

Amy Volas

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