How to think about recruiting in the year ahead.

2023 Startup GTM Recruiting Trends

Amy Volas
7 min readFeb 22


Welp… in the blink of an eye, here we are in the middle of Q1 in 2023!

It’s a new year, new challenges, an unpredictable economy, and a very different job market.

And yes, those economic uncertainties do affect hiring. The key is to make sure that if it affects you that it actually needs to affect you.

Founders and CEOs, your company IS your North Star. Just because some of your competitors are going through a tough time and halting hiring, you can’t seem to escape the doom and gloom chatter online, or your board is telling you to do this, doesn’t mean you have to follow suit.

For every company we hear about making “deep cuts,” others are thriving, emerging, innovating, and growing.

Case in point from an email exchange with a VC that focuses exclusively on early-stage startups (pre-A Round):

In 2023, the table stakes for sales are higher than ever.


Because you don’t have much of a business if you don’t have customers. No pipeline, no customer. And the last time I checked, you need talented Sales and CS gems to make that happen.

So instead of letting FUD takeover to follow the trends of cutting, take the time to measure what matters for your business, evaluate your P&L, take a close look at your pipeline, listen to your customers, and whatever you do, make darn sure you have the right people in the right roles doing the right work.

Please remember making deep cuts isn’t always an effective strategy. Harvard Business Review those that downsize are twice as likely to declare bankruptcy than those that did not.

Furthermore, those that downsize without addressing the root of the problem beyond the quest for financial efficiency continued to suffer.


Because they got caught up in a short-term mindset, in tough times, it’s easy to get sucked into fear and miss the big picture.

Your Sales and CS people are NOT just butts in seats. They’re an essential piece of the…



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