17 Key Enterprise Sales Resources for Startup Founders

Amy Volas
9 min readOct 7, 2019


Enterprise sales can seem daunting for founders who aren’t already experienced with it.

However, take it from someone who has made a 20-year career with enterprise buyers… it is within your grasp with the right foundational knowledge!

It just takes an entirely different mindset and approach than SMB sales (where most tech founders start). And that’s the first place most get tripped up.

I’ve watched this difference completely derail sales efforts for founders leading teams. I’ve also seen founders who are taking on their sales efforts themselves struggle because of this.

So whether you want to start selling to the enterprise market yourself as an early-stage founder or just learn more to better enable your team, here are the foundational resources I’d recommend checking out.

Must-Read Articles and Blog Posts.

These are specific pieces of content that tackle common misconceptions, important mindsets, and specific tactics that can boost your success in the Enterprise market.

They are the best place to start!

1. What is enterprise sales? Your definition could make or break your success…

Yes, something as simple as the way you define Enterprise Sales can totally change the outcomes of your efforts in this market.

In fact, I’ve seen (and experienced) many businesses with huge potential tank their efforts because they got this wrong!

That’s why I’ve written an article on the ATP Blog to clear up how we should define Enterprise Sales if we want to set ourselves up for success.

Mindset matters most!

READ: What is enterprise sales? Your definition could make or break your success.

2. How to sell to the enterprise market as a founder.



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